Our Services

Our team of experienced surveyors equipped with the latest technological gadgets to overcome every terrain and topography, will deliver optimum results and apt representation.

We are reliable, professional and highly qualified to complete your residential, commercial, and industrial construction needs. Our goal is to make your needs, desires and dreams become a reality regardless of your location and choice of location (this includes, villages, town cities, etc).

When you choose us for your project, you get exceptional craftsmanship, excellent customer service, prompt delivery and a lifetime of satisfaction.

We remove the pressure for clients by unlocking their business & brand challenges with pragmatic and profitable solutions to ensure a self-sufficient profitable venture.

We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses, condos, Chains of Buildings and Estates in the country.

Our focus is to bring clarity to, and demystify the process of buying, owning and selling real estate in Nigeria virtually from anywhere in the world. All our Properties are free from Government acquisitions, land-grabbers trouble or any other encumbrance whatsoever.

We also offer other value added services including but not limited to legal advice on property matters, etc.

As part of Urbanize.ng services, we offer valuation and appraisal services to clients who are looking to acquire or dispose of their properties. Our team of expert appraisers and assessors collaborate to estimate, negotiate, and arrive at the smartest and favorable real estate decisions. Operating on a global scale and a wide database of a local network, Urbanize.ng provides the latest market data and retrospective value in residential, office, retail and industrial properties.

We are also committed to delivering localized services, the team also assists in and performs appraisal and assessment services for taxation purposes

This partnership between the client and Our appraisers and assessors is achieved by identifying the strengths of the property, mitigating the risks, giving a comprehensive evaluation of the property, and providing viable transaction options.