Most Profitable Businesses To Own Remotely

If you’re an entrepreneur living outside Nigeria with plans of establishing a business back home, then we’re sure you must be wondering what type of business to start.

Of course the major purpose of establishing a business is to make profits, but how possible is this going to be since you’re out of the country?

Don’t panic, because it is very possible to establish a profitable business and operate it remotely!

We’ve done some research and discovered some of the most profitable businesses you can own remotely, and we’ll be sharing our knowledge with you!

Care to find out what they are?

Then read to the end!

1. Bakery

If you’re a Nigerian in diaspora, then one of the most profitable businesses you can run remotely is a bakery business.

Why? Because bakery products are widely consumed in this part of the world!

Among these bakery products are bread, doughnuts, cakes, meat pies, and puffs.

There is hardly a home you visit in Nigeria where they do not consume bread for breakfast. The popularity of bakery products also extends away from the home, as products like egg rolls, meat pies, and puffs sell in supermarkets and pastry shops.

To start your bakery, you will need to rent a space, buy the necessary tools, hire the bakers, and very importantly – hire a reputable business management firm like to oversee the affairs of your business.

2. Restaurant

Just like the bakery business, a restaurant business is also a very profitable business you can run from outside Nigeria. We’re very sure you will agree that food is an essential commodity, and everyone (regardless of their age or status), must eat.

Even though there are many restaurants in Nigeria, the number is still not enough. This means yours can succeed, because the food industry can never be saturated.

Before you open your restaurant, you have to decide on the scale at which you would like to operate.

Will it cater to low, medium, or high-income earners? Will you be selling native food alone, or a mixture of foreign cuisine? Etc.

When you have figured out the direction in which you would like your restaurant to go, then you can rent a space and buy the items you will need to keep it functional.

You will also need to hire the right staff, including